Intense Pulse Light Photo-facial

Using IPL technology in a series of treatments, your skin can regain it's youthful appearance by treating conditions that are associated with aging such as sun damage, age spots, redness, large pores, uneven texture and fine lines; while regenerating your collegan and elastin! $115 per treatment


How does IPL work?

IPL systems work on the same principles as lasers in that light energy is absorbed into particular  target cells with color (chromophores) in the skin. The light energy is converted to heat energy, which causes damage to the specific target area. IPL phot-facial procedure differs from the lasers in utilizing many wavelengths (or colors) in each pulse of light instead of just one wavelength. With the use of filters most IPL systems are able to provide the exact amount of energy output that is required for specific treatment of the affected area. This helps to enhance penetration and avoids the use of excessive energy reaching to the target tissue preventing any damage.Photo-facial treatment is considered a non-ablative resurfacing technique in a way that it targets the lower layers of the skin (dermis) without affecting the top layers of the skin (epidermis). The results are not as dramatic as ablative resurfacing where both the dermis and epidermis are injured to produce a much more noticeable overall outcome.

IPL Photofacial in 3 simple steps:

1. Using the spectrum of IPL appropriate to the clinical objective, light energy is transformed to heat energy
2. The chromophore in the target tissue- such as hemoglobin or pigment- responds to the heat energy



3. The target is fragmented and absorbed without damage to the surrounding tissue


Care Instructions Before IPL Treatment




1. Avoid all sun exposure 72 hours before treatment
2. Medical clearance must be given in advance by our medical director prior to beginning treatment. If you have any of the following, you cannot be treated with IPL: Pregnancy, keloid formation (excessive raised scarring), open lesions, accutane, abnormal coagulation, AIDS, skin cancer, or melanoma.
3. All Retinol products, prescription acne washes, prescription rosacea medicine, as well as any photosensitive medication should be discontinued prior to treatment for a period of two weeks. If you are unsure if your medication will make you Photosensitive, ask your physician or pharmacist.
4. The day of treatment, use only a general, gentle cleanser on the area to be treated.
5. Areas to be treated should be free of all make-up, cream, lotion or perfume.
6. If it is an area that you have hair, you should be clean shaven prior to coming in for treatment.



During Treatment




1. Photographs will be taken of the area to be treated


2. Frozen gel will be applied to the skin to reduce discomfort and to protect the pigmented top layer of the skin from absorbing the light.


3. Clients must wear occlusive goggles during the procedure.


4. You will see a bright light (even with the occlusive goggles) and hear a loud beep. Each pulse may feel similar to a rubber band snap followed by a sensation of heat at the sight. The rubber band sensation stops immediately. The IPL continues to heat up the area for 20 minutes. If you continue to feel warm, you should refer to the after care below. 



Care Instructions After Treatment



1. Avoid all sun exposure for 7 days after treatment


2. Use ice or cold compresses on the area if you feel heat the day of or the day after treatment.


3. Use antibiotic cream if any areas open or look red or irritated.


4. Put on full spectrum sun block containing at least a SPF 30


5. Cleanse and moisturize the skin with products specifically for your skin type


6. Refrain from vigorous exercise for 24 hours


7. Refrain from applying make-up for the remainder of the day of treatment


8. Do not wash the area the evening of the treatment and wash gently in the morning


9. Do not take a hot shower/bath for 24 hours


10. Strict sun avoidance must be practiced!



**For Hyperpigmentation (Brown spots, Sun spots, Age spots)


1. Your areas of hyperpigmentation should turn dark and possibly even puff up. This is a normal and expected reaction. After 7-10 days the dark areas will start to flake off. (Let this process happen naturally)


2. If any of the areas treated look red or irritated, coat with an antibiotic cream 3-4x per day and cover with a band-aid or other occlusive dressing. 



**For Rosacea


1. Do not drink red wine for 24 hours


2. Use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher, even if you are only exposed to a minimum amount of sun exposure