Dr. Robert S. Kinsella, owner and CEO of Ideal Medical Weight Loss:

I want our dieters to know that I had my own struggle with obesity. I was an obese teenager and have also been obese most of my adult life. When I discovered the program that we utilize at Ideal Medical Weight Loss and learned, from a physiological standpoint, why I was obese, it changed my life forever. I lost nearly a hundred pounds and, more importantly, I am now able to maintain my ideal body weight with ease utilizing the concepts we teach at Ideal Medical Weight Loss. We can help you to do the same. I believe the single most important tool in our program is our ability to listen. We try to empathize with our dieters' difficulties. We hope you find us passionate and compassionate: Passionate about providing excellent weight loss and weight maintenance education and compassionate about your challenges and struggles. Dr. Kinsella's Curriculum Vitae



Patty Brand, Director of Diet Education, was formally educated at Loylola University in Education. She has carried her love of teaching over to a new area of education - diet education! She is uniquely qualified as Director of Diet Education since she lost 75 pounds on Ideal Medical Weight Loss, and more importantly has kept it off for over a year. She tried many, many diets for over 30 years but it was Ideal Medical Weight Loss that helped her to lose her weight more efficiently than ever before and have more energy. She loves helping dieters and in her own words "it is a privilege to help others achieve the same success with their weight loss struggles."





Jade Magnafici, Diet Educator, received her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics at Western Illinois University. She truly found her passion in this field. "I love every aspect of being a Diet Educator. I especially enjoy the look in a dieter's eyes when they have a great week, reach their goal, or fit into a smaller size. It's the simple things that make my job rewarding. Knowing I'm helping make a difference is the reason I chose this profession :-)"